New Release: Live at The Black Dog - 2/14/2017

Jan 20th, 2016, we played a short set at The Black Dog in Snoqualmie, WA. Prior to this, life took us in other directions away from being able to have the time to play out live. So we were really excited to get back out. When we were done, Mary and I felt that it was a pretty good set. Found out later that Jay Pinto had recorded the songs and so we were happy to get the raw tracks sent to us.

9 days later we were releasing our 2nd EP "Purgatory Street", so our attentions went to promoting that and continuing on with our summer tour. These live songs stayed simmering on the back burner until New Years 2017. Pulled them out and mixed/mastered them in our RFQ 6around1 Studios and released them between our studio singles "Heal Your Ways" & "Someday Fade"... Enjoy!

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