My birthday story for you... "Heal Your Ways" - 4/16/2016 

This is my birthday story for you. This year, Tumbleweed Festival has a songwriting contest around the theme "Come Together". We wanted to have a song for this and so we were writing while we are on the road on our other job. The song had to be received by April 16th... my birthday! 

Completed the song on April 13th & did not feel comfortable recording in a motel room with the sounds of my voice bellowing the halls... especially when you have headphones on and all they could hear is my singing with no musical or rhythmic context... 

So taking a break from work, I went in our car that was parked in the empty part of a mall parking lot.... Laid down the guitar track, then did the vocals, the texted Mary to take a quick break to come out and lay down the percussion track.... Mary grabbed our cardboard box that carries our ionizer and used that to lay down the groove... Did a couple takes and she went back to work... I edited, mixed, and mastered the track with 90 minutes to get to the Post Office. If I did not make it, it would not be delivered in time with 2 Day Express... 

Love technology today where we can literally record songs with this kind of quality in a car parked in a parking lot.... oh and it was raining too! If you listen carefully, you can hear rain hitting the car roof at times smile emoticon 

Enjoy our new song called "Heal Your Ways"..... studio version will follow later this summer

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