More RFQ releases coming this summer! - 4/4/2016

RFQ has found a new love!  The love of recording and creating textural soundscapes in the studio.  In 2013, we released our debut EP "Released From Quiet" that we recorded, Jay Pinto mixed, and mastered by RFI in Seattle.  Our next studio release just happened Jan 29, 2016 with "Purgatory Street" where we took the next step and recorded and mixed ourselves and mastered by RFI.  

We are taking our studio experience and ramping it up.  It is a time consuming (but enjoyable) experience recording an EP and the releases can be years apart.  So many new songs are being composed and want to be recorded.  The idea came to us to start releasing digital singles every couple months so we can stay fresh in the studio and fresh in your minds and ears.  

Our first of many digital singles will release this May 1st.  It's called "Stormacomin".  It's big, it's powerful, it's our anti-establishment song... Stay tuned :)

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