Too Bad For You

It's a blue light special in a red light district            
She got me all drunk up with her Whiskey kiss 
And all this time I's on the straight and  narrow 
Now I'm sideways and crooked   Like there's no tomorrow 

Last call ring me up, Its my last chance 
No more pussy footing around Can I have this last Dance 
Say Where you from?          Did you just  transfer from heaven? 
Can you take me there but have me back by 7..   In the evening..              
To continue my deceiving ways.. 

*** I'm too bad for you Lock me up - put the key just out of reach 
I'm too bad for you Tempt me with the freedom  that love can teach 
I'm too bad for you Stare into my eyes until I look away 
Cause I'm too bad for you.  Yeah. 

Can I see you again? She said you can see me in 
And cap off this night     With a hundred proofs of sin 
So slip into your comfy place    And erase the chances of ‘just in case’ 
Show me baby what cha got for me 
She said have you ever?    I said Alot can happen between now and never 
Give and take, again once more...  Is it going to give me what you're looking for 

You got silky smooth sounds stripped down simple   Playing on the radio 
Caressing the airwaves,  it's so hard...  Not to behave this way 
Its wet outside,  electrons collide,   Flashes of heaven run and hide 
we'll ride it on out through the night    
Cuz seeing you with my hands  you're such a lovely sight 

And I must confess above all the rest 
You're the best at making a mess of me,  

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Featured Emerging ^ Artist January 1, 2017 on COAST to COAST AM 
with George Noory

Jane Titland Memorial Songwriting Finalist 2019
"Power of Song"