GREAT NEWS!! More Music!

 "Time flies when you're having fun".. they say. It appears it goes by rather quickly when you are working on your debut CD/Album!

Last October we decided to jump in with all four feet into the process of recording and mixing our original tunes. We joined forces with Mr. Jay Pinto, formerly of Bananafish, on our first single, "Room 610". We were so young, then... *sigh*. This being our first venture into the recording world we came in to the process open eyed and wanting to learn all that we could. We soon discovered that our night owl ways were perfect for such a venture as it is much quieter at night and our sensitive microphones were less apt to pick up the random siren going by or neighbor making their own music on squeeky floorboards above our heads. Every day was an adventure as we would 'tag team' ... and yes, we actually did slap hands on the way in/out of the studio - so as to keep the operations running every hour we were awake. Not only were we playing/creating the music tracks - we were also learning how to operate a new computer system and software at the same time. THANK YOU to "the Google" and all those recording artists out there willing to openly share their tips of the trade. Many a time did we run into a 'how can we accomplish this task' question and immediately find a video that would help us out. So, it was an intensive course of higher education and creative expansion.

We ventured out to a couple of play dates here and there - but the majority of our calender was filled with dates between the 'grindstone' and our noses! We have always allowed the songs to guide us -- rather than us setting a firm course and fitting the music between barriers. This was even more true during these last seven months. What the muse of music showed us was at times unexpected and surprising and other times exactly in concert with our original visions. From the very first track we did 'on our own', "Drift Away" to the final track "Place in Space" we were humbled by the process and grateful every day for the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the creative flow.

As with any project you put your heart and soul and every waking moment into - it was moving to sit and listen to the last song when it declared itself complete. It seemed it wasn't long ago that we sat on the very first day of 2013 looking out the studio window and wondering what this year would hold for us. Yesterday we delivered "Place in Space" to Jay for the final mixing. We have our mastering scheduled with RFI Mastering Studio in Seattle and will soon after have our debut album in hand to share with you.

We are SO excited to get back out to play for you and to share our latest creation. Our calender has begun to fill up with new places to play and we will keep you up to date on where we will be. We are humbled by those who have expressed their excitement for getting our debut album. We are currently working on setting up a system for pre-orders of the album and will let you know as soon as that is up and running.

A special thank you to Bob (Chris’ Dad) for his impromptu cameo on “7th Song”, to Frank and Suzie for occasionally calling us out into the night and for keeping us up to date on what was going on in other musical circles. To Sarah K. and Kathy H. for their daily emails and voice messages of encouragement and letting us know there was still a world spinning around outside of the studio which helped us to stay grounded .. yes, Kathy - I said it ~ grounded.  <3

Now it is time to fly free!

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