Snoqualmie Street Team Report

 Our street team made the rounds of the Snoqualmie area -- including what is known as "The Ridge"  -- sharing the news of our upcoming show at The Black Dog this Saturday, January 12, 2013.  It was COLD and the wind was blowing but no snow to report.  They came across a number of individuals  in the "Ridge" area .. which is only a few miles away from The Black Dog location who had never heard of the Dog -- nor had any idea that there was another area to Snoqualmie.  For those not familiar with this area.. The Black Dog is on the main and only thoroughfare through the town.  The "Ridge" area is the newer built up area that is close to the interstate.  It was a pleasure to hear so many who were interested to know there was another area of town.  We've seen this in so many small towns around the country - where the mainstay that has held down the town's identity for so long gets pushed to the side for a quick stop off from the interstate.  Pros and cons to both locations, we know.  We use this post to encourage you to take a walk, bike ride, snowshoe, ski or skip to an area of YOUR town that you may not have visited before.  You may surprise yourself with wonderful gems of surprise and find some new friends just down the street... and possibly come across a musical show that tickles your ears and flirts with your fancy!

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