Purgatory Street

Bus stoppin’, droppin’ off comers and goers 

tourist bouncing off citified loners 

Drownin’ in my headphones, boppin to the beat, sitting at the bus stop on Purgatory Street. 

It’s a low blow for the hobo trying for spare change 

to rearrange the pieces of his life 

Ignored by the hoard of most of us, as we mirror, mirror each other 

All aboard bus number 22, I sit way to the back for a thorough overview 

bus driver jiving meet and greets - driving down the street 

next stop, here we go, in walks a beauty, this is pivotal 

First gear propels her to the rear and here she sits right down in front of me 

and under me the road takes us to our future 

she’s my centerpoint focus of my centrifugal drifting imagination 


It could be, this could be the day where everythings changes 

falls into place where the look in your face it says everything 

Could it be, could this be a day for the ages 

so take a chance, open up, see what comes, and tempt fate 

The back of her head challenges the memory of her face 

as the evening sun slides behind the buildings scraping the sky 

A gift from above the laws of mirrors and reflections manifest 

and the quest to see her face again ends 

Silence seems to be the loudest curse 

or worst is the emerging urgency gripping my throat. 

She’s so close, a word away, she’s so close a word away 

Air brakes accelerate our fate, it’s a half past hesitate 

a sidestep stubble of my words not said leads her to her next stop 

Steppin off the bus she turns her head and from her lips she says goodbye to me 


A murderless crow flies so low under a waning daylight moon 

soaring against the wind. The rip tides that brought her to me 

tumble me back, tumble me back, tumble me back to Purgatory Street.

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