Power Of Song

The very first song was the beating heart 
Beating for me, beating for you. 
And it would be with the melody 
Rock a by baby to sleep 

Birds on the window sill serenade 
singing their song then they fly away 
Like the little boy or little girl 
They bring their own songs into this world 

(chorus) The power of song 
Takes everything that's wrong away 
The power of song 
When it comes from the heart 
Beating for the perfect day 
The rhythm in your soul 
From folk to rock and roll 
You're Free of every worry 
You feel every word take you away 
And feel the love all ways 
In The power of song 

I was a kid hanging with my boys 
Full blast, amped up to our favorite band 
Giving the finger to the man 
Screaming Skid Rows “we are the youth gone wild” 

We could change the world with just attitude 
So young, having fun with everything to prove 
So move on over old man 
Or keep up if you can 
Cuz we're gonna change this world 
With my guitar and my friends 
Turn it up to ten 


There ain't nothing like the first love 
It hits you between the eyes 
When you'd rather slow dance with your loved one 
Than hang out with the guys 

Then the time came to move on 
We came to the end of the road 
With Boyz 2 Men on we held on 
Like we would never let go 

30 years later through the radio 
Played our favorite song 
My heart skipped a beat like it did back then 
Like no time had gone. 


Uncle Henry used to light up the room 
With his love for God and he could carry a tune 
We would sing and dance the night away 
With Cab Callaway 


Now he's slumped in his chair.. unaware 
His mind no longer the same 
empty stare, the spark not there 
He barely knows his name 

We put the headphones on him and pushed play 
His eyes lit up a new day 
He sang song of love 
He sang songs of hope 
He sang like he was young again 


He looked into my eyes 
And told me son 
Sing your songs for everyone  cause 


The very last song was the beating heart 
Beating for me, beating for you.

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Featured Emerging ^ Artist January 1, 2017 on COAST to COAST AM 
with George Noory

Jane Titland Memorial Songwriting Finalist 2019
"Power of Song"