New Album This Summer / Go Fund Me Campaign - 3/30/2018

Hello Everyone!

Hints of spring are showing up here in the NorthWest. Buds on the trees and the sounds of baseball on the radio and TV.  In no time it will be summer and we will be on our 2018 tour!   But....  Before then...

We are finishing our new album​ set to release this summer. Compared to our prior releases (2013 & 2016), this will be a bit different. With 10 songs, there will be 2 sections to this album. The first half will be more like how people know us when they hear us live. Vocals, Guitar, & Cajon. With a little add here and there. The second half will have more production, instrumentation, soundscapes, & experimentation. 

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We are reaching out to you now as we are starting our Go Fund Me campaign to raise funds to help us cover some of the costs that come with studio recordings. We aim to raise $2,000. This will help us with mastering, CD replication, & digital distribution (ex. iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify & many other digital distributors around the world). 

Please go to the Go Fund Me page and watch our intro video to see how you can help.  We plan to have this run through the month of May. You can also think of this as a pre-order. If you were planning to get our new album anyway please consider pre-ordering it. That will help us out greatly. There are many perks and donation levels to choose from. Even having RFQ come to you and play a show!  

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Thank you very much for supporting us these past years and for your continued support. We are independent musicians making our own way. We book our tours, run and maintain our own website, & do our own studio work..... and WE LOVE IT ALL!   Knowing we have your support and have fans that connect to our style and song writing - it makes creating and sharing our creations that much sweeter.

We will be updating our Go Fund Me page often with new videos. Stories about the songs, audio samples of the songs, and much more. In the next couple months we will be sending a couple more of these newsletters to keep you up to date.

Thank you!

Chris Kendziorski
Mary Yeager

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