Kick It Down The Road

Another shot of morphine 
Then I might come clean 
As long as I don't feel pain 
I might admit I've gone insane 
So I don't have to face it all 
Or brick by brick build a wall 
To hold off the coming wave 
And pray my soul to save 

I wash off the filth away 
Close my eyes real tight 
And in my mind it’s all okay 
I wish I may I wish I might 
Pray my soul to keep 
Keep the blame off of me 
Cuz all I did was nothing 
Cept kick it on down the road. 

(chorus)  Kick it on down the road 
Just Kick it on down the road 
If you're stuck out there in the cold 
And you don't want to take it baby 
When you go, just kick it on down the road. 

My face is warmed by the sun 
Invisible to everyone 
I got no job but That’s okay 
At least i live another day 
There might be something I should do 
But my weakness is the follow through 
So no one, depend on me 
Cuz my trust is temporary 

I do what I want when I want 
As long as what I want is free 
Then I'm free to do what I want 
And what I want is to be free 
Free of the constant noise 
Free of this empty choice 
let go of it all 
And kick it on down the road. 


But when the future catches up 
And Hen comes home to roost 
When the shit hits the fan 
When the piper wants his money 
And I got nothing for you honey 
You’ll know where I am… 

I’ll be kickin it down the road 
kickin it down the road 
I’ll be kickin it down the road 
And if you wanna join me 
And have you some fun 
You know where you will find me 
When this song is done 

I’ll be kickin it down the road 
Kickin it down the road 
Kick off your shoes 
And let go of your troubles 
And let’s kick it down the road

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Featured Emerging ^ Artist January 1, 2017 on COAST to COAST AM 
with George Noory

Jane Titland Memorial Songwriting Finalist 2019
"Power of Song"