Heal Your ways

It's the end of the day.
The skies red and grey 
The sun goes down behind the ground 

The things we cannot see come to life 
And whisper in your ear that lonely sound 

Carrying the heavy load, woe is me 
Trying to figure the way to peace 

The belly man, the bearded man 
The witches and the priests 
They all came together on the road to the east 

Telling us to heal your ways, heal your ways 

Fear of loss, protect at all cost 
Offer up our sacrifice of man 
Who died and made you care 
Who died and made you care 

Grasping straws, hanging on by a thread 
Begging God take me today 
What you gotta do, What you gotta do
Before I save you is 

Heal your ways, Heal your ways 

Reflections, staring dead in our bloodshot eyes 
Seeing the future stemming from right now 
If you really want a new way but you don't know how 

Come together come together 
There's power in numbers 
Come together come together 
Love one another and 

Heal your ways, Heal your ways 

Morning sunrise, see hope in people's eyes 

As long as you love 

You can heal your ways


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Featured Emerging ^ Artist January 1, 2017 on COAST to COAST AM 
with George Noory

Jane Titland Memorial Songwriting Finalist 2019
"Power of Song"