Headlights Lost

Hey mister have you seen my mom.  
Can you tell me where she's gone.  

Woke up today and I couldn't find her.  
Ran outside - the car was gone.

Been left behind don't know if I can take it.
My heart is weary afraid this might just break it.

Shining onto nothing Nothing's got a hold of me
Trying to find direction I'm like headlights lost in the dark

Lost and I'm growing up
But I don't know which way is up
Raise my hands to the sky and I  cry out

Feet buried in sand
I see the sea endlessly leaving me to be
Washed away


Heartbeat in my ears
I hear pounding surrounding my fears  
Don't know which way to go
Spinning round and round and round and round


Hey mister can you tell me what road I'm on.  
Tried to find her but she's gone.

Found my way back home
Sit on the porch alone.
Staring down the road into the dark

.. I see headlights lost in the dark.


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