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"One day it came and the world would never be the same.

 The opening line from our latest single, Windowpane.  We've all been affected in one way or another by this global pandemic. We encourage everyone to 'remember these days when kindness graced our ways'. With patience and grace we hope to see you soon!

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The 'Covid' years have been tough for independent musicians and the FANS of live music! We’ve paused touring while helping a family member with a major health issue. We thought we'd leave the tip jar open - Makes us feel like we're still connected... Click below to use our secure Tip Jar - or Venmo@RFQmusic or

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"We had 'Released From Quiet' at The Vogue...a Liquid Lounge for the first time and was completely in awe. Customer after customer used the word "mesmerized" to describe their take on this duo and their music. It is a very unique sound that stands out from the pack and cannot wait for their return visit."

… Mike Cooney, Owner, The Vogue - a Liquid Lounge, Chelan, Wa
"Chris Kendziorski takes you on a magical ride to ethereal sound auras. His voice the vehicle, his lyrics the spirit and his presence the navigating force. Always a treat to have Chris playing live at our venue!"

… Cristie Coffing, co-owner, The Black Dog, Snoqualmie, WA
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