Released From Quiet played at the Black Dog in Snoqualmie, WA on April 20, 2013.

The show was recorded and mixed by Jay Pinto


I look up to the stars tonight
they are all so beautiful
but there’s one star i wish to
when ever i think of you
You are so right
you’re a shining star
You shine so bright tonight
let’s go somewhere, somewhere far

**Come take a ride with me across the galaxy
you will love what you see
I’m going to take you to our own secret place
it’s right beyond outer space... come along with me

Fly with me to lover’s lane
i’ve reserved a constellation in your name
forever that’s where we’ll remain
instead of this crazy world called pain
You and me we’ll seing songs of love
and all the good things that come with a kiss

**la la la**


I see the world from a different view
i see my world when i look at you
cause you’re my co-pilot to the end of space
a non stop red eye, good-bye.. to time and place

(**) (**)